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Traditional Bangladeshi Food-Panta Bhat

 Bangladesh is well knowned for Bangladeshi tradition & traditional food.Panta bhat is one of their traditional food.Now i am describing about it.

Pahela Baishakh festivities appear to be deficient without plates of Panta Bhaat, presented with Bhorta or fish. For a considerable length of time, Bangalees, on their New Year, have been getting themselves the traditional rarities. 

Many find in the training a quality of wistfulness, returning them to when there was no power or refrigeration in country Bangalee families. A common group of workers would spare remaining rice from supper by absorbing it water to have it as breakfast the following morning.

Be that as it may, alongside traditional qualities, Panta Bhaat likewise has its healthful advantages.

As of late, an investigation by the nourishment branch of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (Barc) said Panta Bhaat has a larger number of supplements than cooked rice and hence ought to be expended consistently.

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